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cmorq is a safe, secure, and easy to use DeFi service that empowers users to participate in the new banking world.

cmorq brings out the best in every team member

We Empower Our Team

We encourage our team to use their strengths and grow every day

cmorq puts users first

We Put Our Users First

As a company we put the needs of our users before anything else

cmorq seeks change

We Embrace Change

We see a change as an opportunity, we embrace it and adapt quickly

cmorq acts with care and integrity

We Act with Integrity

We operate with respect, value and care for others.

Meet our team

Hossein Azari

Founder & CEO

Carter Klein

Head of DeFi Engineering

Margaret Isa Butler

General Counsel, Law Firm Partner (M&A Private Equity)

Ricardo Marino

Board member, Vice Chairman Itaú

Varun Khanna

Quality and Research

Darren Newman

Operations, Research

Sara Nemati

Director of Art and NFTs

Carlos Alves

Marketing Manager

Lais Souza Amoako

Customer Success

cmorq: Making DeFi Accessible to Masses

Ex-Google scientist: What happens once a billion people use DeFi?

Our Story
Here at cmorq we are inspired by birds and their symbolism of freedom, infinite possibilities, and wisdom. The name cmorq is derived from the legend of the Simorgh; a mythical bird in Persian literature. The Simorgh represents the pursuit of wisdom in many different Persian tales.
In one of these famous tales, a group of birds in pursuit of a king takes a long and perilous journey in search of the famous Simorgh. Each bird struggles through their own weaknesses during this journey through unknown territory, but they persist until they find their destination. Atop the mountain where the enlightened Simorgh was said to have lived, they find only a lake. Each of the birds' peers into the glassy lake seeing their own reflection. It is here that they realize there is no end destination in the search for wisdom; the journey is the destination.
The cmorq app acts as a guide in the pursuit of wisdom toward financial freedom through decentralized finance. We want to help users in their journey through DeFi and Web3. We provide users tools they need to easily enter and earn in the crypto space. Users can fund their crypto wallet, exchange, lend or stake their assets, and transfer assets to their friends. Not to mention, users can see ALL of their crypto-collectibles in one place with the cmorq app!

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Set up a wallet that works for you

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