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A Web3 finance app built on DeFi principles, empowering individuals to take control of their financial future. OpenFi provides a secure and user-friendly platform for managing your finances in the decentralized world.


An exclusive NFT collection featuring unique and collectible digital assets. BirdiFi allows users to explore and own one-of-a-kind NFTs, bringing digital art and collectibles to a new level.


An advanced KYC solution powered by AI, designed to support fintechs and small businesses. SwiftID offers free KYC for new verifications, streamlining compliance and enhancing security.

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Our Story

Here at cmorq, we are inspired by birds and their symbolism of freedom, infinite possibilities, and wisdom. The name cmorq is derived from the legend of the Simorgh; a mythical bird in Persian literature. The Simorgh represents the pursuit of wisdom in many different Persian tales.

In one of these famous tales, a group of birds in pursuit of a king takes a long and perilous journey in search of the famous Simorgh. Each bird struggles through their own weaknesses during this journey through unknown territory, but they persist until they find their destination. Atop the mountain where the enlightened Simorgh was said to have lived, they find only a lake. Each of the birds peers into the glassy lake seeing their own reflection. It is here that they realize there is no end destination in the search for wisdom; the journey is the destination.

Like these birds, our products—OpenFi, BirdiFi, and SwiftID—each embark on their unique journey to solve different problems, guiding our users towards a world of decentralized finance.