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Earn daily returns with your crypto, fee-lessly.

Invest in, earn on, and borrow against crypto assets with zero fees. Make assets you own work for you.

"Mobile app screenshot of cmorq crypto portfolio and NFT  screens. Crypto Birds, Ethereum, Compound,  and USDC logos."
Generate daily returns
Buy & exchange crypto
Borrow against your crypto

Send and receive

Start earning with zero fees.

Generate earnings from day 1

No minimum required to get started

Sell your crypto whenever you want

We find the best rates for exchanging, staking, lending, and borrowing

How much can you earn?

Choose your crypto

USD Coin

How much do you want to invest?

1 USD Coin

For how long?

Redeem anytime

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0.028 USDC

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"cmorq portfolio screen on mobile app  showing you can generate interest for free  by lending crypto. Token logos of Aave,  Ethereum, Matic, and Compound."

Earn daily interest. Generate consistent returns on your crypto and dollars.

Setup your crypto wallet in under 5 minutes.

Buy, sell, and exchange most popular crypto coins. Get the lowest fee and the best rate for exchange.

Go straight from dollars, pounds, and more to the crypto of your choice

"cmorq crypto exchange screen on mobile app where you can buy, sell, and exchange popular cryptos for free."
"cmorq borrowing crypto screen on mobile app where you can borrow crypto at low rates.  Choose asset, the amount, the rate, and bank  account to put the loan. "

Borrow against your crypto. Get USD at attractive rates.

Borrow and move USDC to your bank accounts quickly.

Send and receive crypto with no fees. Do it in just a few taps.

Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.

"cmorq sending and receiving screen on mobile app where users can send and receive crypto by phone number. User enters the  amount they wish to send, select a phone  number or wallet, and send. "
Step by step

A simple and secure way to buy and sell crypto.

Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.


Download the app

Download the mobile app for Android or iOS.


Create your wallet

Create a wallet with your phone number and get $1 and 1 Matic on us.



Transfer your crypto in our app and get a free NFT.


Invest and Operate

Using cmorq is free. No cost of maintenance, no hidden fees.

Download cmorq

Set up a wallet that works for you.

Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.

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This app is where I point anyone new to crypto. This feels like the only product taking the complexity OUT of crypto, instead of adding more...

Bean Towner


The user interface is much easier to navigate and work with compared to Coinbase...



...I was able to delete 3 different apps because cmorq has it all in one place!...

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