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Earn daily returns with your crypto.

Make assets you own work for you.

*Please note that DeFi services are not available in the U.S. and services offered could vary regionally due to local regulation requirements

Generate daily returns
Buy & exchange crypto
Borrow against your crypto

Send and receive

"cmorq portfolio screen on mobile app  showing you can generate interest for free  by lending crypto. Token logos of Aave,  Ethereum, Matic, and Compound."

Generate consistent returns on your crypto and dollars.

Setup your crypto wallet in under 5 minutes. Your wallet is non-custodial so your funds are never held by anyone else.

Buy, sell and exchange the most
popular crypto coins.

Go straight from dollars, pounds, and more to the crypto of your choice

"cmorq crypto exchange screen on mobile app where you can buy, sell, and exchange popular cryptos for free."

Send and receive crypto seamlessly.

Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.

"cmorq sending and receiving screen on mobile app where users can send and receive crypto by phone number. User enters the  amount they wish to send, select a phone  number or wallet, and send. "

A simple and secure way to buy and sell crypto.

Your wallet, your crypto. We never hold your assets and we never will.


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Download the mobile app for Android or iOS.


Create your wallet

With just your phone number, create a wallet and get some MATIC on us.



Transfer your crypto in our app and get a free NFT.


Invest and Operate

Invest, send, earn, and more seamlessly

Download OpenFi
Set up a wallet that works for you.
Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.
Download CMORQ
Set up a wallet that works for you.
Get rewarded in crypto while you do so.

What our users are saying

Ruy L


I just started and I really like it. I received very good support and I'm winning several NFTs in metaverse games. Congratulations on the project. 👏👏

Carlos R


I think this platform is really fun!

Fabiana V


I'm exploring the metaverse and earning NFTs, I highly recommend it.



This app is where I point anyone new to crypto. This feels like the only product taking the complexity OUT of crypto, instead of adding more...

Bean Towner


The user interface is much easier to navigate and work with compared to Coinbase...



...I was able to delete 3 different apps because cmorq has it all in one place!...

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