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Happy Volunteers' Week

Celebrating the Superheroes Among Us! Volunteer's Week Extravaganza! Attention, attention! Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round, for it's time to honor those who make the world a better place with their kindness and compassion! 🌍✨ In a world where capes and masks have become symbols of heroism, let us not forget the everyday superheroes who wear their hearts on their sleeves and change lives through selfless acts. It's Volunteer's Week, and we're here to throw a party like no other!

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Happy Buddha Day!

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Crypto Birds Cafe

After years of hunting for bread crumbs on the floors of cafes and bars, peeking and looking over their shoulders, and running for their lives, they finally decided to get together and create their own cafe, The Crypto Birds Cafe!

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Birds vs Dinos

Once upon a time, the era before the crypto birds became the Crypto birds… the Dinos ruled the world!

Birds vs. Dinos banner. A dinosaur facing a bird.
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